Who to blame for the disaster “Pengate” of the Galaxy Note 5?

Who to blame for the disaster
Who to blame for the disaster "Pengate" of the Galaxy Note 5? - tinoshare.com

The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 finally did meet these “evolutionary” terminals in this range of Samsung phablets. A criticism for the indefinite delay of its availability in Europe now joins an even more serious problem: the scandal and named “Pengate” that affects how you insert the pointer device.

The first buyers of this device realized how to insert the S-Pen in the opposite direction to correct the insertion mechanism is loaded , and indeed can not remove the stylus one stuck again. The terminal is therefore seriously injured, and now Samsung has indicated that the onus is on users who do not correctly use the insertion mechanism. We believe that shame on you, Samsung .


Samsung’s response has been swift, but not serve anything to all users who have mistakenly introduced the pointer in the wrong direction. A device over $ 700 remains practically useless for making this human error is a tragedy, and the South Korean manufacturer seems to wash their hands about the problem.

Who to blame for the disaster "Pengate" of the Galaxy Note 5? - tinoshare.com
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It does not seem that the device warranty covering this type of problem, and certainly you should read the instruction manual to avoid making this decision. Hence the company is right, but of course,nobody reads the manual damn . So there is a very famous term, RTFM ( Read The Fucking Manual ) that often turn in answers to questions that other users and logically manufacturers are entitled to wield.

Who to blame for the disaster "Pengate" of the Galaxy Note 5? - tinoshare.com
In the Galaxy Note 4 tall warning does not appear because the problem does not exist, there is no way to insert it upside down without forcing much that mechanism (and break).

This development in the Galaxy Note 5, by the way, was not present in previous models. In the Galaxy Note 4 (pictured) manual does not mention any problems appear such we enter backwards, but reaches a point where it is impossible to put it all out and then it is possible without problems and That only means one thing: Samsung knew there was a problem with the design , and backs covered with a warning in the manual of your new model. In that part of the manual it makes it clear that you should not insert the pointer in the wrong direction, but that is not enough.


Who to blame for the disaster "Pengate" of the Galaxy Note 5? - tinoshare.com

And it is not because an accessory can not be used in a reversible manner, it should not seem that can be used as well. The design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and its S-Pen is wrong, and the engineers of the company should take the responsibility for failing to prevent precisely such problems. That is what has been done with many accessories and devices that are not reversible.

If not reversible, it does not seem

Technology are numerous cases. It occurs with microSD or SD cards, which can only be inserted one way. Or with the USB cable with connectors that had been the norm until now ( welcome, USB-C), or power cables, or HDMI, or DisplayPort, or VGA, or DVI, or modules memory or processors, or … so many things.

Who to blame for the disaster "Pengate" of the Galaxy Note 5? - tinoshare.com

All these components and peripherals have a proper way to connect by design. And that design prevents you from connecting to other forms. One can make a lot of strength and try to fit them, but of course, anyone with a little common sense knows that finding peripheral resistance or that cable is not connected to the way you are trying.

Such problems appear for the simple reason that designers and engineers have not done their job.The so-called “defensive design” is used to precisely, as Wikipedia says, “contingencies prevent the use of devices, objects, procedures or routines can give.” Some call it idiot-proof design , but of course that would make everybody because we were all in one time or another, have tried to use something in a way that was not intended. And of course, we have broken.

But we are in 2015. And we are talking about Samsung. And a device for $ 700. C’mon.


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