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During my studies, I had to decide between the subjects of marketing and finance. Without a second’s hesitation opt for finance because in my opinion then the marketing was common sense and really studying it was not necessary. I still think that a healthy mind is capable of doing a good job promoting products and services without specific studies marketing and advertising.

The truth is that few succeed that way because the experience without knowledge is more difficult to obtain, so Why do people need brand?

It is difficult to satisfy consumer desires on time

Proper training in the field is also not a guarantee of success. With or without study 90% of companies are mistaken in their online marketing strategy. What is lacking in many cases is emotional intelligence applied to the world business. Few brands manage to connect with their targeted audience and even fewer leave their mark. The strange thing is that people need brands so in theory the “only” would have to do is listen carefully to our needs and meet them.

At the end you have to be honest. Not so easy to meet consumer desires.

  • We must go beyond reading their mind: in many cases not knowing what you want until you introduce.
  • The tastes are constantly changing: the consumer who loves us today and can leave us tomorrow “lying” and go to the competition.
  • There are other factors that influence: the marketing is so difficult because in many cases influencing factors (weather, politics, trends, etc.) we can not predict, prevent or strengthen.


What we need from a brand?

No need to buy brands to survive. We can easily pass without them. In fact there are social movements that go against a world of consumption. I am convinced that brands will survive long term because they respond to some basic human needs and other basic.

1. Comfort and functionality: the use of a trademark has to be comfortable and give us the functionality (eg quench thirst, lead from one point to another, to protect the foot when walking, etc.) we seek.

2. Low cost of acquisition: the acquisition cost includes not only the price of a product. It is also the difficulty that means to access it (eg supermarket around the corner, travel to another country, order online, etc.).

3. Meeting Factor: today we are accustomed to converse with a brand. It is a possibility that is ceasing to be optional and become mandatory for the enterprises. People need to give and receive feedback.Also brands.

4. Give prestige: driving a Ferrari would not be mine but for many people is a great satisfaction to see the admiring glances (or hate) third. There are products that give us “status” not unlike those who do not.

5. Join a group or community: brands have a role in society to brief us on the affinity we have with other people who do not know. You can try both clothing and other utensils known to us as brokers, rock lovers, posh, etc.

6. Feeling happy: we live for it. To maintain this excitement and cause longer possible for as long as we are on this planet. Brands like Coca Cola already had understood from the beginning of advertising. Make us happy and I always be near to us.

7. Reward and personal motivation: the marks may have in some cases, also the function of motivational support. Achieve a personal challenge and pass an exam, lose weight, running a marathon, etc. It requires great effort. Complacency is accompanied in many cases the consumption of a specific product (eg new shoes, a trip, the latest gadget, etc.). In these cases the brand relationship is strengthened because it is associated in the future with personal achievement.

People need brands. Trends change, but fundamental and basic human needs will not change much. To be successful, the marketing has to go for the stage and from there to define their strategies.



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