Wi-fi authentication error – solution

authentication error

The error of authentication Wi-fi is very frequent in the mobile devices, this error is because it is not connecting to the Wi-fi, sometimes the wi-fi remains authenticating and never connects and it is due to the same and this problem can happen for many causes and for that reason we will explain below the causes and their solutions, since the solution depends on the problem.

This error is very frequent in Android phones and tablets and also in blackberry phones.

In some cases it is easy to solve the authentication error, in others it may be a little more difficult, it depends a lot on the cause of the problem and the knowledge that you as a user. Here are the causes and their solutions.

Incorrect password

Sometimes you think and even you are sure that you are typing the correct password, but no, in most cases it can happen for that reason. To make sure what your wifi password is, go to the configuration of your modem or router to confirm that information and then try to connect again.

The network name is saved with incorrect credentials

When you connect or try to connect to a Wi-Fi network, the same is stored in the mobile, I recommend you try to delete the network that is saved and try to connect again, by deleting the network from the list of wireless networks You will be prompted for the password again.

Security type is not supported on your mobile

Some mobile phones have compatibility issues with some types of authentication, such as WPA2-PSK. I recommend you change the type of authentication to your Wi-Fi network to WPA-PSK as it is compatible with many more devices.

Modem is inhibited

When this happens the connection is also on the other devices that are connected to that network, to solve the problem I recommend restarting the modem and if it persists to reset it.

You do not have an internet connection

When you try to connect to a connection, some mobile also verifies if there is an Internet connection, if not there is many times we throw that mistake.

Do you continue with the same problem?

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