(Wi-Fi) Wireless functionality is disabled – Solution


When the Windows Troubleshooter tells you The wireless functionality is disabled it means that you have the WiFi on your laptop or desktop turned off and you need to turn it on. To activate the WiFi is very easy. First, you have to make sure that it is activated in the physical WiFi button.

In many laptops, you will find it at the top of the keyboard or it may be on one of the keyboard’s function keys, you should notice if one of these keys has the WiFi signal icon. When you find it, you must press it together with the FN key.

Upstairs there is a led/light bulb, which lights when the WiFi has it activated. You should make that light stay on when you press these keys. Doing so may solve the problem. Therefore, you should check if the error is no longer displayed. The wireless functionality is disabled.

Remove the “Wireless functionality is disabled” error through the system

In case that after doing the above explained follow with the same error message, then follow the following steps.

Open Control Panel and then click where it says “Network and Sharing Center“. Then on the left side click where it says “Change adapter settings“. Then there will appear the wireless connection of your computer. If you see the gray icon, right click and then click “Activate.” In case the icon appears in blue it means that the WiFi is activated. (Images in order below)

Sometimes there does not appear the icon of the WiFi connection, if that happens then you need to install or reinstall the drivers of your WiFi adapter. Look for the drivers first knowing the model of your laptop and then look for the drivers for your model on Google or preferably on the manufacturer’s page.


Turn on WiFi  on Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 and have the error “Wireless functionality is disabled” you will also need to activate it by following the following steps in an additional way.

Open Settings. You can do it by clicking on start and then click on the configuration button.

Then click where it says “Network and Internet“.

Wifi settings4

On the left side click where it says “Wi-Fi” and then you will find the option to activate and deactivate WiFi (On and Off)

Wifi settings4

When you activate it, you should no longer see the error “Wireless functionality is disabled“. If it still doest work, then restart your device and try the same method again.