What is a WiFi Repeater (Extender) and which to buy?

wifi repeater

A WiFi repeater is a device that is used to extend a wireless signal. What this does is to connect to the modem or router that has the wireless signal and issue that signal to a range much further away, these when connecting to a Wi-Fi connection can repeat that signal with the same SSID and password doing what would be a Bridge or also receive the signal from the main computer and create a different SSID and password.

These equipments are used to be placed in places where the signal arrives well, so that more forward or higher places in which no connection arrives or arrives the same arrives correctly. Let’s look at an example of how it might be:

How to increase the router's WiFi signalIn this example we can see a house with 3 floors, router or modem that has the Internet is on the first floor, I want to receive a signal also on the third floor, but it does not arrive, it arrives at the maximum on the second floor, then there There would be a need for a repeater, which put it on the second floor would receive the signal from the main router and emit it to the third floor, so it would be expanding and repeating the wireless signal.

Usually the configuration in these computers are usually done in two ways, one is connecting a network cable if it has a LAN network port and entering the configuration of the repeater as explained in the manual that brings with it and another doing the same to Difference is connecting over Wi-Fi rather than network cable.

Which WiFi repeater to buy?

There are many factors to take into account when buying a repeater, first I recommend that it be integrated antenna because many if they have the external one will usually break or damage and that is 802.11n / g / b technology (It says in the specifications Of the product), in amazon there are many and they are quite cheap. One that is very good with regard to cost and quality is the TP-LINK RE200.