Windows 10 Will Also Be Sold With A Box (USB flash drives) | This Is How It Will Look -
Windows 10 Will Also Be Sold With A Box (USB flash drives) | This Is How It Will Look -

Perhaps the model of selling boxes with operating systems is somewhat dated, but Microsoft will continue to pursue it with the release of Windows 10 . The next July 29 will the new operating system from Redmond, and users can enjoy the free update period, but also buy a license online or physical box.

It has leaked the appearance of the boxes to be sold with Windows 10 Home and Pro as DVD, but also well known that this development may be purchased in the form of USB flash drives . In all cases the design of the boxes is characterized by simplicity.

Almost Collectors

As recently discussed , prices for this operating system will be $ 119 for the Home version and $ 199 for the Pro version . All current holders of a legitimate copy of Windows 7 or higher can upgrade for free to Windows 10 , but of course, the update does not include box, disc or USB flash drive.


Appears in the box with the official capture background of Windows 10 with different key according to -dudamos editing box has for existing seven editions of SO-, while in the case of USB keys box will be even simpler and display one logo of Windows 10 with the corresponding colors.

Windows 10 may be the last “traditional” version of the operating system, so it could be the last chance to “enjoy” physical boxes accompanying the increasingly popular issues in shock. If you think buying a license Windows 10, perhaps you please to pose such an alternative.

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