Work Permits in Germany | Working In Germany Tips


As legally obtain a work permit in Germany:

Germany is a country very strict in terms of compliance with its rules and laws, especially when it comes to immigration. Therefore, those immigrants wishing to work in Germany must have a work permit. Only those citizens of the countries of the European Union do not require a work permit.

For a foreign citizen to obtain a work permit, you must first obtain a residence permit. Now, to apply for a work permit, the immigrant must obtain a work permit because you reside in Germany. The company or organization that hired the migrant must enroll in the employment office in Germany. It should also send a letter or an employment contract to the immigration authorities.

Of course, getting a job and enlist the help of the future employer does not guarantee the immigrant obtain a work permit. Therefore, foreigners are recommended before emigrating to Germany in order to work, get a work permit, and before that an employment contract with a company based in Germany.

The work permit is granted by the immigration authorities and not by the labor authorities or existing employment agencies in Germany. In some cases, before granting a work permit, foreign authorities must approve the permit and the authorization of a national employment agency.

In the case of foreigners immigrating to Germany in order to study, but during your stay get a qualified job, they should know they do not need to apply for a work permit, but they can only work for a limited time (90 days). The German authorities decide the number of hours the student will study German immigrant (600 hours) and orientation courses, including history, geography and society (30 hours).

Various types of work permits granted by the German authorities and are related to the type of work that’s been found in this country: unskilled labor, skilled labor, highly skilled work, freelance work.

It is not recommended to emigrate to Germany and work illegally because the risk of exploitation by their bosses, or being deported run. Remember that an illegal worker is not entitled to receive a salary or any kind of benefit.

Finally, we must warn that in many Latin American countries, there are many false counselors offered to manage the processing of work permit, however, they are nothing but con artists whose sole purpose is to recruit women for prostitution. Therefore, we recommend not deliver any document to these intermediary people, let alone if you are not fluent in German language and can be easily deceived.





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