Working in South Korea is a nightmare for foreigners

Working in South Korea is a nightmare for foreigners

The endless hours, little vacation and forced binge drinking with the boss are part of the work culture extreme South Korea, which is a nightmare for foreign companies working in the country.
“I’m afraid to ask my vacation, because the boss can reject or even ride me a scandal, ” he told EFE a Spanish engineer of 34 who works for a subsidiary of technological business group Samsung, the largest conglomerate in South Korea.


Like their South Korean peers, the Spanish, who declined to be identified, has 15 days annual holiday contract, but “here is frowned take them all because you give the image of being a bum, and there are some who come to pick only three all year to not look bad ,”he says.


Reconciling work and private life is the greatest difficulty for 36.9% of foreigners in South Korea, even greater than the language with 30.7%, while third corporate culture is placed, with 24 , 6%, according to a recent report by the Hyundai Research Institute.


Foreigners living in South Korea totaling more than one million. Of these, only 2.5% – some 25,000- are qualified employees in large South Korean companies in sectors such as engine technology and foreign workers.
The survey of Hyundai specifies that many of the latter are considered victims of “strict labor culture” as well as “excessive working hours and hierarchical structure that makes it very difficult to express opinions.”

South Korea progress achieved in just six decades of extreme poverty-its GDP was one of the lowest in the world at the end of the Korean War in 1953 to the thirteenth world economy and especially a technological reference, and is the only country which went directly from being recipient to donor of financial aid to development in many countries worldwide. (EFE)


Job demanding

Discipline: With an area of less than 100 thousand square kilometers and just natural resources, South Koreans entrusted their future workforce of its inhabitants and commitment and absolute obedience to superior.
Inhabitants: With 50 million inhabitants, is the second country in the world with more hours worked.