World’s Fastest Mobile Phone | Finally Results Revealed


Smartphone makers every year face off with processors diagonals resolution, screens and cameras, and other characteristics. Each of them finds its niche in which his model is strong and puts it on display, modestly says nothing about some of the “features” of its flagship. However, experts do not sit idly by and found the actual manufacturer of the machine is the fastest in the world.


Experts Tom’s Guide compared the six champions in nine tests, which allowed to determine the fastest flagship smartphone. The ranking is led Samsung GALAXY S6 edge, won first place in six of the nine tests, which received the title of “fastest smartphone in the world.” His closest competitor appeared LG G4, which is not bad himself showed stably holding a leading position in almost all tests.

But HTC One M9, which uses a more powerful processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, well behind even the LG and Apple iPhone 6, which will soon have knocks year. Only one test yielded HTC better than the rest of the rating. Google Nexus 6 and 2 ASUS Zenfone gathered all the lower line of the rating, so never were better than their competitors in the test. Unfortunately, Sony Xperia Z3 + has not been honored by the attention.



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