Xbox One with Windows 10 can record TV content -
Xbox One with Windows 10 can record TV content -

Microsoft seeks to deploy its new operating system on all platforms. The corporation announced at the European Conference of Digital Entertainment Gamescom 2015 developments have your console Xbox One, including , updating your operating system to Windows 10 .

Consoles with Windows 10 will allow recording TV programs live and remote control have a compact additional keyboard .

Xbox One with Windows 10 can record TV content -

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The update will be free and will feature the virtual assistant Cortana to access the various functions of the console without having to release the control knob.

However, he said that to use voice commands Virtual Assistant users must have audio sensors having the Kinect camera.

The developments announced will be available from November.

One edition Halo Xbox 5

Xbox One with Windows 10 can record TV content -

Microsoft jumped at the opportunity and announced a special edition of the Xbox One based on the Halo 5: Guardians.

The console will have a design related to the title and will feature black and blue. In addition, it will include a 1TB hard drive and a control system shared patterns.

This special edition of Xbox One alluding to Halo 5: Guardians   hit the market on October 20.


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