Xiaomi Mi TV 2S: 4K and 9.9 mm Thickness Less Than 500 euros

Xiaomi Mi TV 2S: 4K and 9.9 mm Thickness Less Than 500 euros - tinoshare.com
Xiaomi Mi TV 2S: 4K and 9.9 mm Thickness Less Than 500 euros - tinoshare.com

Xiaomi was a clever ad for today and although everything pointed to was a renovation of its flagship phone , finally has not happened and what has taught us is a TV. A TV that hardly see over here , I must say, but again the Chinese manufacturer calls the attention of all with a very interesting product.

With the name of My TV 2S comes the second generation Xiaomi TVs. Again, its commitment is to offer good specifications and components to a very restrained price. This time also adds as claim a slender design makes the screen, is a finer point, having a thickness of 9.9 mm.

Promising specifications, but with doubts

On the screen we find a panel of 48 inches with a phosphor-based LED panel which, as shown in his presentation Xiaomi, has a color space wider than a conventional LED 18%. Improvements that, in theory, should be seen in red and green tones.

As they were showing more details about the 2S TV, you could see how Xiaomi compared with other brands, not with the most demanding models but with the number of medium / high range of major manufacturers: Samsung and 6800, Sony Sharp with the X8300 and the S3A. Of course, it has to see how it works and see if in fact the panel and the processor used give such good quality against the competition.

Processor we find a processor MStar 6A928 that, today, is the top model that has this manufacturer SoCs: A17 ARM quad-core Mali T760MP4 GPU, 2GB of RAM and the ability to take a 4K UHD resolution image at 60 frames and 10 bits. It is not the first time that use this chip, and in the My TV2 (no S) and gambled for MStar 6A928.

Is a panel 4K UHD measure up?

While it is true that Xiaomi manages to place a panel with resolution UHD / 4K (unspecified suppliers) that does not mean it will be up to the big brands. They speak of phosphorus in the panel (component already used in plasma TVs) but has never been an important detail. In fact, major manufacturers committed to other technologies such as Quantum Dots to improve image quality.

Leaving aside that detail, Xiaomi has not explained many technical details : do not mention what the refresh rate (the UHD white label usually have a low figure) nor specify what level of brightness and contrast levels. Many brands have already shown that you can have 4K resolution without high costs but getting a good quality is something completely different.

My Tv 2s 1

For sound we find speakers default on those who have not given many details but Xiaomi will go on sale next to the TV soundbar with a subwoofer. If any team we Dolby, we can enjoy this technology without problems because the TV supports it.

Operating system will feature MIUI TV , a layer of software that runs on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop but being oriented to the Chinese market product leaves offside Google to provide content with different local content providers: Youku, BesTV, 1905. .. Of course, its 8GB of internal memory are not likely to go a long way if you want to install applications and games.

Pricewise, the standard edition will cost 2,999 yuan, the change remains in some 440 euros. If you want TV with a sound bar the price rises to 588 euros. TV is available in several colors and, again, again approach the young audience.

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