You can escape a black hole if you know how | Stephen Hawking

You can escape a black hole if you know how | Stephen Hawking -
You can escape a black hole if you know how | Stephen Hawking -

Black holes are often exploited by science fiction lovers metaphors as an incredibly powerful suction force, which was impossible to escape. However, now renowned physicist Stephen Hawking says that you can escape a black hole.

He said with an optimistic message especially in Stockholm in Switzerland. There he said that ” if you feel you’re in a black hole, do not worry: there is a way “. You can see yourself in the video that we leave down here with the entire presentation.

Should not you of good English, we summarize the general idea : The theory of black holesis a paradox between quantum mechanics and relativity theory . While the former ensures that information can not be destroyed within a black hole, relativity theory suggests otherwise.

However, with this new “expectancy theory” proposed by Professor Hawking, the information never gets introduced into the black hole, but it remains in the asymptotic boundary event , right on the edge but without touching.

What suguere physical is that information on particles passing through the black hole becomes a “hologram” of itself. A description in two dimensions of a three-dimensional object And this is where the information is.

In any case, Stephen Haking also mentioned that the information coming out of the black holes in the form of photons is virtually impossible to discern.

Obviously, the theory presented by Hawking in far more extensive , and has much more interesting points. Among other things, the very real possibility of the existence of parallel across universes black holes dropped.

So yes, you can exit a black hole … but only in the form of photons, like a shadow of ourselves that no one can interpret. It’s not very encouraging, although the parallel universes of itself that is liked by scientific community.